Kurt Arras Law Firm

The Kurt Arras Law Firm, in Tulsa, Oklahoma focuses on helping families in transition.

When it comes time to choose a lawyer for your needs, consider attorney Kurt Arras. Family law issues are never easy. Whether it is a divorce, child custody/visitation, guardianship, adoption, or child support, these legal decisions have an impact on you and your loved ones. Choosing the right legal counsel is the first step to a successful outcome.

When you are seeking a divorce lawyer in northeastern Oklahoma, experience counts.

Arras Law has years of experience handling divorce and family law related legal cases. If your family is in transition and in need of legal help, the Arras Law firm is ready to go to work for you.

Don’t face these challenging legal issues alone. Don't make the mistake of choosing an inexperienced or reduced rate lawyer. Certianly don't think you can represent yourself in a divorce and/or criminal action no matter how simple you think the process. You have rights; protect them through an experienced attorney.

Consider what is at stake. You have legal obligations.

Family law is becoming a "layered" process; mediators, parent coordinators, custody evaluators, judges, public defenders, DHS, and the criminal process in cases of violence. Arras Law is determined to make that a less confusing decision by providing comprehensive, honest and dependable legal representation in the areas of divorce, family, and criminal defense. In office consultations are always encouraged in order to personally and privately discuss the outcomes and solutions to each client’s situation.

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